What to Expect at a Back to School Physical Exam

We all have gone through these while growing up. Whether it was for back to school purposes or so you could participate in sports. However, this doesn’t mean we all necessarily remember what the physical entailed and how it was done. The physical exam also could have changed since we all have received one, making it that much more important to stay educated on the current procedure. This is especially true for those who currently have children who need to get this exam done. Here at Green Health Consulting LLC, we understand how nerve-wracking going to the doctor’s office can be, especially as a kid. Knowing what to expect as parents can help children feel a lot more comfortable and less nervous when going into the exam. With this guide, you can expect to be up to date on the physical exam and feel comfortable knowing your children are in good hands.


Regular Physical

When the nurse calls you and your child back the first thing they are going to do is take down the standard measurements such as height and weight. The child’s blood pressure and pulse will be taken as well. Then you will be escorted back to the room and the doctor will take a look at the heart, lungs, skin, abdomen, ears, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, and throat of the child to make sure everything looks normal and on track. If any abnormalities are found they will then be discussed further. After the extensive portion of the exam, the doctor will then check for other problems such as physical immaturity, scoliosis, and hernia. This is all critical to check as some of these issues if left untreated can develop and progress negatively.


Medical History Review

The first thing your doctor will discuss with you once the physical exam is done is your family’s medical history. This may seem like a simple formality; however, getting insight into family medical history can reveal a lot about your child’s future health. When it comes to health, many conditions and immune system functions are hereditary. This means that if you are prone to ear infections then your child probably will be as well. This is of course an example, but some people have serious medical illnesses that need to be disclosed during this part of the exam for the sake of their child. This part of the appointment is a great time to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have. Our doctors are all ears and love helping you understand your child’s health more.


Screenings and Immunizations

Once we have squared away all medical history and general questions and concerns, we will then do standard screenings. These include blood and skin tests that can detect several things from iron levels to cholesterol levels. These screenings can reveal a lot about the health of your child and are important to get done every year. During this step of the process, the nurse will also administer any shots your child needs to return to school. This is important as many states have laws against children returning to school without the proper vaccinations. There are also additional shots such as the HPV one that is highly recommended but is by no means required. We understand that some children are scared of needles and some parents are in no rush to get them all the vaccines immediately, this is understandable. You can always book a separate appointment in the future just for shots if needed.


We know how frightening being a child and coming in for a physical exam can be; however, with the proper information, you can relieve some of your child’s nerves. After all, these appointments are only mandatory to make sure your child is safe, happy, and healthy. At Green Health Consulting LLC we are committed to you and your child’s health. Our doctors and staff are here to help you with any concerns or questions you may have. To learn more about back to school physicals and to book an appointment today, give us a call at (954) 775-0325. We are looking forward to assisting you!

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