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How You Can Prevent Spreading Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a type of sexually transmitted infection. People with gonorrhea can pass the infection to others through unprotected sex. The condition affects various parts of the body, including the penis, the vagina, and the throat. Keep in mind that gonorrhea can lead to severe complications. So, be sure to visit the doctors clinic to … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

Thinking about skipping your annual flu shot? Green Health Consulting LLC, a reputable family medical clinic in Coral Springs, Florida, gives you 3 reasons why you should reconsider that decision: It can save your life The flu is more serious than most people realize. According to the CDC’s Flu Season Burden Estimates, approximately 48.8 million … Continue reading

4 Pointers to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual contact is the primary way that sexually transmitted diseases are spread. Sexual contact can either be via oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Many individuals do not even know that they have STDs unless they are already in a severe state. The best way to know is to go through an STD screening at a … Continue reading

Scheduled for Surgery? Here Are How You Can Prepare

It’s okay to feel nervous about surgery. Everyone feels a bit uneasy about it. (Even more so, when it’s your first time going through the procedure.) However, with enough preparations made, that should no longer be the case. But then again, how exactly do you get yourself ready? Green Health Consulting LLC has just the … Continue reading

Preparing Your Child for Immunization

Immunization is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family members, especially your young ones, from a variety of diseases. Through immunization, the immune system is strengthened, making it more capable to defend itself from such diseases. What are the Benefits of Immunization? You may be thinking twice of going to a … Continue reading