RICE: Treating a Minor Sprain

RICE: Treating a Minor Sprain

A sprain is a type of injury where there are tears to the ligament fibers. A sprain can affect the thumb, wrist, knee, or ankle. In most cases, the severity of the injury depends on the swelling and intensity of the pain you are feeling.

Engaging Urgent Care services in Florida will help determine the severity of your injury and the proper treatment you need. For a minor sprain, remember RICE which stands for the following:

  • R – Rest

    Make sure to rest the injured body part. Your physician will most likely advise you to avoid any strenuous activity involving the injured area anywhere within 48 to 72 hours. Visiting a doctors clinic will help you know how long you need to rest the injury.

  • I – Ice

    Icing the injured area with a cold pack will help reduce swelling. Ice the area as soon as possible. Leave the cold pack on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure not to leave it too long as it may damage the tissues.

  • C – Compress

    To help reduce swelling even further, you can use a compression wrap around the sprain. Choose elastic compression wraps or bandages. Ask your doctor or a nurse from a family medical clinic in Coral Springs, Florida to teach you how to use the bandages.

  • E – Elevate

    Elevating the injured part above your heart is also another way of reducing the swelling of your sprain.

Keep in mind that a sprain can take days, weeks, or months to heal. Once the swelling and pain subside, gradually start using the injured body part.

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