How to Prepare for Allergies in Coral Springs

With the beautiful spring weather comes allergy season. Allergies are the worst due to them occurring and not quite being categorized as being sick but still coming in hot with all of the symptoms of being sick. They have the power of interrupting productivity and energy levels for an extended period, making normal tasks just a little bit more difficult for those affected. For those who suffer from allergies and have other medical conditions, or those who belong in an older age group, they are more at risk for having complications due to allergies, making it even more important to be aware of them and how to best treat them. Luckily for those who suffer from allergies, they affect people from all corners of the world making preparation tips widespread and proven to be effective. At Green Health Consulting LLC we are here for you and your loved ones, providing all of the best tips for how to deal with allergy season.


5 Tips for Handling Allergies


  1.   Sunglasses and Wide Brim Hats


You aren’t seeing things; sometimes dressing up stylishly can help your health. Sunglasses and wide brims hats are the perfect way to shield against the sun and to shield your face from any pollen that could be flying around outdoors. This is especially great for those hot, windy days in South Florida. Pollen works it’s harmful magic by flying into the eyes of those who are outside, making your eyes in turn irritated. With the sunglasses on you provide a protective layer for your eyes.


  1.   Fruits and Veggies


Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. While most fruits and vegetables contain separate benefits, as a whole they all can aid your body when it reacts against allergic reactions, especially when inflammation occurs. Along with seeing a reduction in inflammation you also get to enjoy all of the antioxidants that these healthy foods provide.


  1.   Pollen Reports


Similar to how the weatherman reports on the daily weather, there are pollen reports for those who want an update on the local pollen situation. Pollen reports are a great way to stay in the loop regarding all things pollen, they usually cover pollen counts for the day in each city based on a scale, for example, today could be a 6 on a scale of 1-10 and tomorrow could be 3. These pollen forecasts also include what kind of allergens are predicted to be in the air, this can include things like oak, mulberry, and widow, to name a few. The allergen prediction is especially great so you can take note of what kinds of allergens seem to irritate your allergies the most.


  1.   Allergy Medication

Although not always necessary, it can still be a good idea to stock up on allergy medication before allergy season begins. This way you know you have everything you need before you start getting symptoms. If you are someone who has bad allergies that get in the way of daily tasks, it may be smart to start taking the allergy medication a little bit before allergy season is in full swing to prevent irritations in the future. Before doing this, make sure you check expiration dates and consult your Green Health Consulting LLC doctor for medical advice.


  1.   Green Tea


Green tea can be a good way of easing symptoms and loosening up your sinuses. Although not always medically prescribed, many people with allergens recommend drinking hot green tea during allergy season along with the many other methods of fighting off allergens. Green tea has been known to contain antihistamines that can assist in the fight against allergies. The heat of the tea will also help with loosening up any mucus you may have and also help get rid of the tickle in the back of your throat, reducing coughing and sneezing.


At Green Health Consulting LLC we know that allergies are a dreaded part of every spring season; however, our doctors are here to help relieve you of your symptoms. By following each tip on this list can assure you feel see some relief, it also does not hurt making an appointment with us to get a better idea of how we can help you. We are here for you! Give us a call today at (954) 755-4880 to schedule a consultation.

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