Here’s a List of the Great Medical Medical Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Over the past few years marijuana, especially medical marijuana, has gone from being known as the devil lettuce to being a helpful plant. And here at Green Health Consulting LLC, we are loving the switch up. Medical marijuana has gotten a bad reputation for decades now and it’s about time that the stigma goes away. Because when it comes down to it medical marijuana has helped thousands of people with a variety of conditions. States all over the country are now deciding to make medical marijuana legal to help people with their medical conditions, with some places even making it legal recreationally. Whether you were a fan of it the whole time or recently discovered all the good it can offer, we are glad you seem all the good it can do for others. And if you still aren’t convinced, keep reading to learn some of the ways medical marijuana has helped people.


Helps Cancer Patients

Medical marijuana has been a benefit to those with cancer time and time again. During cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, the patients tend to feel waves of nausea and may even suffer from vomiting. With the help of medical marijuana patients no longer need to feel the side effects of chemotherapy as aggressively. Many patients have even said that medical marijuana has stopped vomiting and nausea altogether, making their treatment much more of a positive experience. Marijuana has also been known to help stop the spread of cancer. People who use marijuana may slow down the spread enough to help them treat it. While everyone’s individual situation is different, even if medical marijuana can help a little bit it is worth having as an option.


All-Natural Alternative

Many people need prescriptions daily, whether it’s for a health condition or as simple as clearing up an infection. However, what some do not know is that these prescription drugs almost always come with side effects. And while some of these prescription side effects are worse than others, wouldn’t you choose to have no side effects if you could? In the case of medical marijuana, you have a much better grasp of your medication and how it makes you feel. A small dose of medical marijuana may not make you feel that high feeling but can still give you that relief you need. Plus, the side effects of medical marijuana are nothing crazy when you compare it to many of the drugs out there that have side effects from depression to death. These drugs are supposed to make us feel safe; however, they often have the opposite effect. Marijuana is all natural making it a more trusted and risk-free way of treating may conditions.


Chronic Nightmares

Nightmares are the absolute worst. Especially when they are oddly realistic. While most people, and some animals, get nightmares on the rare occasion, there are people out there who have them chronically. And it may not sound like a big issue compared to other conditions out there, chronic nightmares can greatly reduce the quality of your sleep and have a negative impact on you the following day. This is especially true for those who have nightmares because of conditions such as PTSD, otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With the help of medical marijuana people who commonly get nightmares can enjoy a better night of sleep and a reduction in nightmares. This is a big win as sleep directly impacts many areas of our lives whether we realize it or not. 


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