Common STDs You Should Get Tested For

At Green Health Consulting LLC, we want every aspect of your health to be healthy, including your sexual health. Green Health Consulting LLC is a family medicine and urgent care clinic that serves patients of all ages within the local community and its neighboring areas. To honor our commitment to our community, we strive to keep our patients physically, mentally, and sexually healthy. Although sexual health may be an awkward topic to discuss, Green Health Consulting LLC is composed of compassionate, highly trained, and board-certified physicians. They will help you get tested for STDs and can recommend treatment options if you come back with a positive test.


Now, what exactly is an STD? STDs, also known as sexually transmitted diseases, are infections that are spread between people through sexual contact or intercourse. Caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses, the only way one can be sure they do not have an STD is to get tested by a medical professional. If you are a sexually active individual, you should be tested regularly, even if you do not display symptoms.


Accurate STD Testing in Coral Springs

At Green Health Consulting LLC, we offer screenings for some of the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV (1 and 2), Herpes (1 and 2), trichomoniasis, and more. Our facility is open seven days a week, including evening hours, making a stop-by easy and convenient. Our doctors work diligently to help diagnose and treat any infections or diseases you may be suffering from.



If you are a sexually active individual, Green Health Consulting LLC recommends that you get tested for chlamydia annually, or at least once a year. Normally a urine sample will suffice to help medical professionals discover if someone has chlamydia. However, a swab may be necessary in some cases. If you have had anal or oral sex, then inform your doctor so that they can test for chlamydia in those areas as well. 


HIV 1 & 2

HIV testing is typically performed via a blood test. Anyone can get HIV, but gay and bisexual men and people with multiple partners are at a higher risk for HIV. Green Health Consulting LLC recommends any sexually active individuals to be tested annually, although those who may be at higher risk may want to consider getting tested more often. Green Health Consulting LLC tests both for HIV 1 and HIV 2, so you will know whether or not you have it.



At Green Health Consulting LLC, our doctors also recommend that sexually active individuals should also be tested annually for gonorrhea. Gonorrhea testing is performed via urine or a swab of the area being tested. Gonorrhea may also be in your throat or anus, so you will need to discuss with your doctor if you have engaged in oral or anal sex. 


Herpes 1 & 2

Blood tests can be helpful in detecting previous infections, but unfortunately, these tests are not always accurate. At the present moment, screenings for genital herpes are underdeveloped. Without actually seeing the sores, it can be difficult to assess if you have herpes. To make the matter even more complex, there are two types of herpes. Type 1 is commonly known as a cold sore, though cold sores can also transfer to the genitals. Type 2 refers to the form of herpes that is initially found on the genitals. Ultimately, the method of testing will depend on whether or not sores are immediately visible.


Your sexual health is as important as your physical and mental health, so please treat it that way! Green Health Consulting LLC is proud to be the premier Walk-In Medical Clinic in Coral Springs. We’re here to ensure that every aspect of you is healthy. Conveniently located at 993 N University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071, Green Health Consulting LLC is open seven days a week! Visit our office to see how you can benefit from our medical services. Contact the medical professionals at Green Health Consulting LLC, Inc. today by calling 954-755-0325. We can’t wait to get you to feeling better!

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