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Seniors Are Turning to Medical Marijuana for Alternative Pain Relief and it’s Working!

Even when you live in a warm tropical paradise like Coral Springs, living with chronic pain every day can make you feel like you are living in hell. You know you need to find alternative pain relief when you can barely get up in the morning without groaning in agony. If you’re at the point … Continue reading

Get a Card for Medical Marijuana in Coral Springs and Enjoy Life Again!

Medical marijuana can completely transform the way you live your life for the better. It can be difficult to focus on simple tasks and remain active when experiencing frequent pain. You may be unaware of the fact that there are more holistic, safe, and effective ways in which you can now treat your pain. You … Continue reading

Here’s a List of the Great Medical Medical Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Over the past few years marijuana, especially medical marijuana, has gone from being known as the devil lettuce to being a helpful plant. And here at Green Health Consulting LLC, we are loving the switch up. Medical marijuana has gotten a bad reputation for decades now and it’s about time that the stigma goes away. … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana and Migraines

If you are someone who suffers from chronic migraines we feel for you. Migraines are the absolute worst and most underrated forms of pain. Many people get the occasional headache, but migraines take it to the next level. The worst part too is that numerous factors could cause your head pain. One day it can … Continue reading

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Coral Springs

Medical Marijuana used to have a negative stigma and was thought to be a loophole for people to legally use cannabis. However, more and more people are reading the research that proves medical marijuana is a better alternative than prescription medications. Medical Marijuana is natural and arguably healthier since it’s not made in a lab … Continue reading

Busting 3 Common Myths About Medical Marijuana

With medically marijuana holding a long-time stigma it can be hard to know all of the facts. Some people claim marijuana has been the best treatment for their condition while others claim marijuana is highly addictive and “the devil’s lettuce”. While everyone is always going to have a different perspective about it, it’s always important … Continue reading