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Busting 3 Common Myths About Medical Marijuana

With medically marijuana holding a long-time stigma it can be hard to know all of the facts. Some people claim marijuana has been the best treatment for their condition while others claim marijuana is highly addictive and “the devil’s lettuce”. While everyone is always going to have a different perspective about it, it’s always important … Continue reading

How to Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in 3 Easy Steps

Around the country, it has been proven that medical marijuana can be a game-changer for many people. This is due to how helpful medical marijuana has been in treating a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s disease, and many mental health illnesses. Many of these conditions have limited … Continue reading

4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Honor of 4 Years of Legalization

Once a year there’s this special little date, 4/20, that many people from many age groups rejoice on. This year is slightly more special though as this upcoming 4/20 sees people celebrating 4 years of medical marijuana legalization in Florida. This legalization has greatly improved the lives of those who live with even the smallest … Continue reading

How Can Medical Marijuana Help With Pain Caused by Medical Conditions?

Nowadays, there are many ways to numb our pain. Both emotional suffering and physical pain can be temporarily silenced with the use of substances that are damaging to our health or emotional well-being, and sometimes maybe both. However, there are ways to treat pain that does not bring about any harm to the person. For … Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Doctor For Pain In Coral Springs

At Green Health Consulting we are serving the Coral Springs, Florida community by raising the standard of urgent care with less time and less money and a more patient centered focus than anywhere else. If you have been looking for a new and promising way to treat your pain more effectively, Green Health Consulting is here for you. At Green Health Consulting, we firmly believe … Continue reading