Common STDs You Should Get Tested For

At Green Health Consulting LLC, we want every aspect of your health to be healthy, including your sexual health. Green Health Consulting LLC is a family medicine and urgent care clinic that serves patients of all ages within the local community and its neighboring areas. To honor our commitment to our community, we strive to … Continue reading

The Premier Walk-In Clinic in Coral Springs

As the United States debates on the future of healthcare in the country, one may begin to wonder where they should seek care after sustaining an injury. The Emergency Room may be the first place to come to mind, but then you remember the high costs and long wait times and wonder if you can … Continue reading

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Coral Springs

Medical Marijuana used to have a negative stigma and was thought to be a loophole for people to legally use cannabis. However, more and more people are reading the research that proves medical marijuana is a better alternative than prescription medications. Medical Marijuana is natural and arguably healthier since it’s not made in a lab … Continue reading

What to Expect at a Back to School Physical Exam

We all have gone through these while growing up. Whether it was for back to school purposes or so you could participate in sports. However, this doesn’t mean we all necessarily remember what the physical entailed and how it was done. The physical exam also could have changed since we all have received one, making … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your Gynecologist Appointment

Before your yearly gynecologist exam, you may be experiencing many different feelings. From nervousness to embarrassment, these feelings are completely normal. Going to the gynecologist, especially if it’s your first time, can be an uncomfortable experience. Not knowing what to expect and if you’re healthy can be scary. However, it’s important to take a deep … Continue reading

The Importance of Yearly GYN Exams

Every year women are encouraged to visit their gynecologist to receive an examination. This examination is one that is crucial to the health of women, having the ability to detect early signs of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other threats to health. While sometimes an inconvenience to schedule, these appointments can quite literally save some … Continue reading

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