4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Honor of 4 Years of Legalization

Once a year there’s this special little date, 4/20, that many people from many age groups rejoice on. This year is slightly more special though as this upcoming 4/20 sees people celebrating 4 years of medical marijuana legalization in Florida. This legalization has greatly improved the lives of those who live with even the smallest and least harmful disease or medical annoyance. Those who reap the benefits of medical marijuana now have even more of a reason to celebrate. Regardless of the date 4/20, there are many reasons we should be extra celebratory of medical marijuana. Here at Green Health Consulting LLC, we believe there were many wins in the medical marijuana industry within the past 4 years it has been legal in the State of Florida. This is an industry that is only continuing to grow, especially in South Florida where much of the population is elderly people who use marijuana to treat health issues. Now more than ever are people using this natural plant instead of other forms of treatment. Not only are there medical benefits physically, but also when it comes to mental health issues. Medical marijuana has continually proven to be a one-stop-shop treatment for a variety of different conditions and situations. Now that alone is something to celebrate. Each year researchers and scientists have found more and more benefits that this special plant has. As far as health goes, there is hardly anything marijuana can’t help with. Regardless of conditions, medical marijuana has been known to help with at least one symptom, making it truly worth celebrating. If you still don’t have a reason to wake up on 4/20 and celebrate, here are four benefits to medical marijuana that alone are celebration-worthy.


4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana:

  • Safer than Other Prescribed Drugs: Often when people go through a hard surgery, they are prescribed aggressive opioids afterward to assist them in dealing with the pain. However, with the opioid epidemic in full swing, many people are shying away from using these highly addictive drugs. A more preferred option has been medical marijuana. Not only is this form of treatment trusted more because of it being natural, but it also is a better form of treatment for those who have chronic pain. Opioids can be high risk for long term use while marijuana is generally low risk.


  • Can Help Cancer Patients: Medical marijuana has been known to be a great benefit to those who experience severe nausea and vomiting due to treatments such as chemotherapy. Many chemotherapy patients have gone on the record saying it has almost completely gotten rid of the vomiting symptom. There have also been studies done that show in some cancers, marijuana and reduce the spread of the disease to other parts of the body.



  • Helps with Nightmares/Sleep Problems: Everyone suffers from a nightmare now and again; however, some people are more prone to them due to conditions like PTSD. Although there are many stages of the sleep cycle, nightmares only occur in the REM cycle. This is a cycle that marijuana has been known to interrupt, causing people with PTSD to see a huge decrease in the number of nightmares they have. This, in turn, allows for those with chronic nightmares to get better rest at night.


  • Helps People with Parkinson’s Disease: One of the side effects of Parkinson’s Disease is tremors. These tremors interrupt daily life and can make a good night’s sleep hard to get. Medical marijuana has been proven to be a huge help to those with this disease. Not only has its improved patient’s sleep, but it has also lessened tremors and made motor skills easier.


At Green Health Consulting LLC, we truly believe in the power of marijuana, especially in the medical field. If you saw anything that caught your eye while doing research and you think medical marijuana could be a cure or help you, don’t wait any longer. Contact us ASAP about getting your medicinal marijuana card. Join us and hundreds of our patients who have seen the benefit of using a natural treatment. Call (954) 755-4880 to learn more about how we can assist you.

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