3 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

3 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

Thinking about skipping your annual flu shot?

Green Health Consulting LLC, a reputable family medical clinic in Coral Springs, Florida, gives you 3 reasons why you should reconsider that decision:

  1. It can save your life

    The flu is more serious than most people realize. According to the CDC’s Flu Season Burden Estimates, approximately 48.8 million people got sick during the 2017–2018 influenza seasons. It resulted in 27.7 million medical visits, 959,000 hospitalizations, and 79,400 deaths.

    Moreover, the flu can cause some serious health complications that require hospitalization, including bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, and worsening of chronic illnesses. Getting the flu shot can help you avoid serious health complications and may even save your life.

  2. It will protect you from the flu strain this year

    If you got your flu shot the previous year, you may be thinking that it will be enough to protect you for this year’s flu strain. This is where you are wrong – last year’s flu shot won’t provide enough protection from the flu this year.

    There are numerous reasons why you should get an annual flu shot. First, your body’s immune response to the flu shot slowly declines, so an annual immunization is necessary for continuous protection. Second, flu viruses are constantly evolving. Every year, the strains covered in flu vaccines are reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

  3. It can help reduce your sick days

    Whether you take time off to recuperate at home, or if you get hospitalized due to flu complications, it is going to cost both you and your employer. Statistics shows that approximately 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu each year. Moreover, it costs employers about $7 billion per year in lost productivity and sick days. If you want to reduce your sick days and help boost your company’s productivity, never miss your annual flu shots.


It is not too late to get your annual flu shot. As a trusted provider of urgent care services in Florida, we offer cost-effective flu shots for you and your family.

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